BECU stands for Boeing Employees Credit Card Union. It is a credit union established basically for members of Boing Company. BECU has different branches across the world that carry out various monetary operations. The Branches in Seattle and Tukwila metropolises of Washington State are specifically meant for Visa payments, additional loans, and all night deposits. For mortgage payments, there is a branch in Newark and for straight deposits and wire transfers, there is a branch in New Jersey. For any monetary operations, BECU and its account number where the account has been opened is mandatory.

For Boing members or any other staff members of the organizations, the pay packets are deposited directly into their savings account. Wire transfers are made personally via phones or in any of the BECU branches. If transferring funds personally, the sender must have their photo id and the address of the beneficiary. For transferring electronic funds, the routing number issued to the financial institutions by The American Bankers Association is needed.

What is a Routing Number?

A routing number is a 9 digit code that is required to identify the branch where your account has been opened. It is also called as RTN, an ABA routing number or routing transit number. A routing number is required while transferring funds internationally.

Becu routing number

BECU Routing Number

All the Banks and other financial institutions in the USA have a special nine-digit number at the bottom left corner of the cheques called the Routing number. BECU happens to be a non-profit organisation managed by its affiliates.

Why do we need BECU routing number?

  • With your BECU routing number, you can set up your Direct Deposit and transfer funds automatically.
  • You can deposit your pension or salary directly into your account.
  • You can make international payment via wire transfer or ACH payment.

BECU Routing Number for Wire Transfers

If you are making a domestic Wire Transfer, the Becu routing number is 325081403. Your funds will get transferred from your intermediary bank to the beneficiary. Ensure that you verify your FFC transfer details with the recipient.

BECU Routing Number for ACH Transfers

The ACH routing number is needed to make ACH transfer to any BECU account. The BECU routing number for ACH transfer is 325081403. 

How to set up Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit is the most convenient and flexible way of transferring funds. It does not charge any money and is a fast and easy method for a person with a government social security or pension check or any person with a normal paycheck.

What is required to set up Direct Deposit with BECU Routing Number?

To set up Direct Deposit with BECU routing number, follow these steps.

  • You need to have your BECU savings account number along with your nine-digit BECU routing number.
  • For the Preliminary setup, you might be required to give an annulled cheque, direct deposit authentication letter or fill up an enrolment form.
  • This will prevent you from the hassles of paperwork and long ATM queues and provide you with greater financial freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

The routing number is the unique 9 digit code used to identify the location where your bank account was opened. You can find this number at the bottom left corner.

The BECU routing or ABA number is the same for all BECU branches.

Anyone who stays, works or worships or goes to school in Washington is eligible for BECU membership.

You can withdraw a maximum of 500$ per day from BECU ATM.


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