Know How to Access CitiBusiness Online- CitiBusiness online

citibusiness onlineThe CitiBusiness online is an online service provided by CitiBank to make it convenient for you to access the company’s account and other information online without any hassles. With Citibank Online services you can check your account details, make easy transactions from anywhere around the world. 

What are the benefits of CitiBusiness Online?

  • E-cheque – The CitiBusiness Online provides the facilities of E-cheque. You can easily issue the E-cheque by providing the payee’s name and address. The cheque will be posted directly to the payee on your behalf.
  • Secure Transfers – It is basically a domestic funds mode transfer, where you can easily transfer the money from one bank to the other bank almost instantly without any troubles. Choose “Transfer Via Fast” to transfer money to the current GIRO/MEPS/FAST payees.
  • MAS Electronic Payment System (MEPS) – This facility allows you to transfer funds to anyone and you can decide whether you or the payee wants to bear the transfer charges.
  • Citibank Global Transfer or CGT – With CGT you can transfer money to an overseas bank with a minimum fixed amount.
  • Billing Details- You can provide your billing instructions and funds will be transferred or credited to the billing organization.
  • Inbound Funds Transfer- Transfer funds from any other bank account to your Citibank account online easily without any hassles.
  • Advanced Security Services –The CitiBusiness online provides advanced security services so that you can transfer funds without any worry about safety.

Here are some additional features of CitiBusiness Online

  • View your account transactions easily online.
  • Your Bank statements up to 18 months could be easily visible.
  • You can subscribe to Citialerts and get any updates regarding your account details instantly.
  • You Synchronise all of your accounts with a single login.
  • You can easily demand your demand drafts
  • You can pay your utility bills and other bills to any biller across India.
  • You can view details related to your personal loans online.
    Easily Repay your Home loan with Citi Business Online.

How to Use CitiBusiness Online?

You can get started with CitiBusiness Online in these simple steps:

  • Fill in and return the CitiBusiness Online Authorisation Form.
  • These things will be posted to you directly:
    • 16 digit Authorised User CIN
    • Authorized Pin Number
  1. Online Security Device (OSD)
  • Activate your CitiBusiness Online by logging in to the official Citi Bank site.


CitiBusiness Online Offers four Kinds of Funds Transfer

Citibusiness Online


  • The UPI allows you to transfer money instantly without knowing payee registration through your CitiBank debit card PIN or Internet Banking PIN.
  • It allows you to instantly credit the amount to the beneficiary account.
  • It allows daily transactions of up to INR 1,00,000.
  • It is a free transaction service and is available 24*7.


  • If you want to transfer the amount immediately at any time of the day, you can use IMPS.
  • This also allows for instant money transfer.
  • This allows funds transfers from Citi Online, Citi Mobile and Citi ATM.
  • The Daily Trasanction limit here is up to INR 2,00,000.
  • To transfer funds through IMPS, you need to know the Bank account number and IFSC code.


  • When your funds transfer is scheduled or planned for a specific day, you can transfer it via NEFT.
  • The daily transaction limits vary according to time and day but it is usually up to INR 50,00,000.
  • The service is available 24*7 and is free of cost.
  • To transfer funds you need to know the beneficiary’s account number and IFSC code.


  • RTGS is used when you want to transfer a large amount without any delay.
  • The transfer is done depending on different days and time.
  • The minimum transfer amount is up to INR 2,00,000
  • To transfer funds you need to know the beneficiary’s account number and IFSC code.
  • The fund transfer could be initiated through CitiBusiness Online or through Citibank other branches.


Frequently Asked Questions

Register with Citibank online and turn on due dates alerts. You can easily pay your bills as well as get updates before due dates.

The CitiBusiness Online provides safe and secure services and provides measures to prevent any frauds.

If you ever forget your IPIN or want to change your IPIN, you can visit your account online and select “change your IPIN”.


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