First BankCard- Personal and Business Banking

FirstBank provides effective and efficient banking solutions for your personal as well as Business accounts. It allows for safe and secure funds transfer without any difficulty. It allows for easy debit and credit cards. 

First Bankcard Merchant Account 

The First Bankcard provides for easy money transfers for merchants and process with any payments. It ensures to not charge any hidden fees or inflated costs and provides a safe and secure transfer.

The FirstBank offers the following benefits for merchant accounts.

  • It does not charge any application fees.
  • It allows for free rate analysis.
  • It offers fair and competitive low rates.
  • There is a free terminal program offered by First Bank.
  • First Bank provides safe and secure funds transfer with prevention from any frauds.
  • The easy setup provides for user-friendly features that can be easily used by everyone.
  • The FirstBank offers PCI certified services.
  • It has a secured payment gateway option.

Setting up your Online Merchant Account with FirstBank allows you to set up a connection with a trusted and secure Online credit card processing solutions that work across several platforms. You can easily integrate your accounting software streamlining your whole transaction process.

The First Bank Built-in management features allow you to manage accounts effectively and efficiently. It improves your business operations and saves your time and money.

The FirstBank allows for easy customization for every merchant account to provide unique and specific features to each account as per their requirements.

The online Merchant account provides for the following things:

  • It provides reliable services and helps with any problems pertaining to your online account.
  • It provides relatively low rates.
  • All the services are PCI certified.

Providing a wide variety of credit cards allows customers with convenience and encourages them to shop more.

First Bank Credit Card


Few benefits of FirstBank credit cards are:

  • It results in an increased level of cash flow.
  • It allows for integration between different software such as CRM and ERM.
  • The First Bank credit ensures maximum customer satisfaction.


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The First Bank offers co-branded credit cards.

  • Visit your nearest ATM
  • Insert your ATM card and enter your PIN.
  • Use your debit card to deposit or withdraw.
  • Your new card will be activated.

A PIN is a unique code that is provided to you by your bank. The PIN stands for your unique identification code. You need to enter your PIN while withdrawing and making deposits with your Debit Card.

The Platinum Debit Card is a premium card that provides special benefits and priveledges to the cardholders such as higher ATM cash withdrawals, loyalty points, etc. The Platinum Card also charges more amount annually than the regular ATM cards.


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