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View My Paycheck provides excellent financial services and makes it easier for the employees to manage their payroll information and tax deductions. With this, employees can self access their Pay Stubs and know their current and older payment calculations and deductions. The employers also no longer have to wait to hand over paychecks to each employee individually, the can easily upload it online and employees can view it for themselves and thus save time and energy.

Advantages of using Intuit View My Paycheck

  • The employer or employee doesn’t have to worry about losing payroll information. With Intuit View My Paycheck, everything is secure and can be updated easily without any hassles.
  • Employees can easily print their Pay stubs for future purposes by saving them as a pdf and printing them later on.
  • You can get a personalized email notification whenever new pay stub updated. Go to preferences and turn on “ Email me whenever new pay stub is made available.”
  • View My Paycheck sorts and manages your current and year-end savings and lets you know about your pay calculation and tax deductions.

How to Send Employee Pay Information from QuickBooks to View My Paycheck?

view my paycheck

  • To transfer Paycheque information, the employer needs to create the payroll as it is created in the QuickBooks normally.
  • When the confirmation window appears on the screen, the employers need to click on “Send to Intuit” with addition to print.
  • A send/receive window will open your screen, you need to click on the send option.
  • Enter your Payroll service pin and click on done.
  • If accidentally you forgot to click on “Send to Intuit’ Option, you can go back to the home page and under employees tab, click on “send to intuit”.
  • Once updated, employers need to ask their employees to access their View My Paycheck account.
  • Employees need to create their Intuit account to access their pay information in View My Paycheck.
  • Once entered your Intuit username and password, enter your social security number and current net pay.

How to transfer Employees W2 information to View My Paycheck?

  • Go to QuickBooks and login with your Intuit Username and Password.
  • To transfer employees’ W2 information to View My Paycheck, create a W2 form for your employees, once done, check for any errors and if you are satisfied, click on “submit forms.”
  • You will see Print/E form window, make sure that you have check-marked the box available at the bottom of the window that says “provide employees with secure, online access to their W2 forms.” Click on Print or E- File Federal Forms.
  • Employees can access their W2 information by logging with their intuit account.
  • Once updated by the employer, the W2 information is available to employees within 24-48 hours.

How to Invite your Employees to View My Paycheck?

view my paycheck

  • Download and install Quickbooks on your system. Open your QuickBooks account.
  • Go to the Employees tab and select “Manage Payroll Cloud Services.”
  • Once Payroll Cloud Services opens up, under the workforce section, click on “Invite Employees”.
  • You will see the employee list open up. Select the employees you want to grant access to and click on okay.
  • Click on “Send Invite.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The time taken to process any payroll can depend on the system to system and the method that you have chosen. If you are doing it manually, it can take up to days. 

Find the cheques that are associated with your Direct Deposit account. See if your bank has listed their direct deposit tracking number with their routing number. Usually, it is mentioned such as “ACH RT.”

You can ask the human resource department for a copy of your payroll or you can ask the employer to transfer it to View My Paycheck and you can easily access it from there.


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