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View My paycheck is an online web portal offered by Intuit. The website lets employers upload their employees’ pay stubs and other payroll information online. With self-service access, employees can easily view their current and year-end transactions and they can learn about how their payrolls are calculated. This reduces the burden of printing or emailing the paystubs to each and every employee. Employers and Employees no longer have to worry about losing paystubs.

How to become an admin in Intuit View My Paycheck?

You need to ask the current admin to give you the administrator access. Ask them to add you to the current administrator list. Follow these steps to know how.

  • The current administrator needs to sign in to the QuickBooks company with their Intuit username and password.

intuit view my paycheck

  • Go to “Employees Tab” in the main menu and click on “Manage Payroll Cloud Services.”
  • Once you have opened the “ Manage  Payroll Cloud Services” window, ensure that View My Paycheck is check-marked or selected and then click on “manage viewmypaycheck admins.”
  • Now, go to QuickBooks payroll window and enter your existing Intuit username and password and click on sign in.
  • Open manage users page and click on “Invite Others.”
  • Enter the email address and full name of the person you want to grant access as an admin.
  • Click on send invites and close the confirmation window.

What is View My Paycheck Company View?

The View My Paycheck Company View is available only in QuickBooks 2013 and later versions to view my paycheck administrators. The Company View allows the administrators:

view my paycheck

  • The access to search for any employee in the employee list.
  • To check all the employees’ paychecks uploaded on view my paycheck.
  • Access to paycheck or payroll information for each employee.
  • To view and make any alternations with the company view preferences.

How to access View My Paycheck Company View?

To have access to View My Paycheck Company View, you need to have primary administrator rights. The primary payroll administrator needs to sync the QuickBooks company with Intuit Cloud services and then to connect QuickBooks company to the View My Paycheck. Follow these steps to know how.

  • Download and Install QuickBooks on your system and go to QuickBooks company and sign in.
  • Firstly you need to ensure that the Intuit sync manager has been enabled.
  • Go to “Employees Tab” in the main menu bar and select “Manage Payroll Cloud Services”.
  • Once the Payroll Cloud Services Window opens up, make sure that the view my paycheck option is selected and click on “Access Company View.
  • Now open up QuickBooks payroll window and sign in with the same Intuit credentials that you used to sync QuickBooks company with Intuit Cloud services.

view my paycheck

  • The next time you want to check your payrolls online on view my paycheck, visit the official web portal that is “


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ask your employer to invite you to QuickBooks workforce via email
  • Accept the email invite and create an Intuit account for yourself.
  • Open your web browser and visit
  • Go to the paycheck menu and view your paycheck.
  • You can also download it and print it for future purposes.

Yes, you can make your own Paystubs via any software, it is completely legal. However, creating fake stubs is illegal.

Double click on the Paystub and from the toolbar, click on the edit option, make the changes on the paystub form and click on OK.