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Technological advancements have made our human life stay convenient in every other way. If you are an individual who has been frequently trying to access the pay stubs, then you have arrived at the right place, where we are about to discuss everything related to viewmypaycheck in simple words.


ViewMyPayCheck is a world-wide recognized online portal known for providing a self-service type of access to employees who are looking forward to accessing their tax information and pay stubs in one roof. You can easily access any of your payroll related information like tax deductions, net pay and even your existing pay stubs whenever you desire to do so. With multi-device access enabled, you can make use of your personal computer, laptop, smartphone or even a tablet to access view my paycheck on-the-go. Keep reading to learn more information about how to get started with ViewMyPayCheck.


To create and access view my paycheck, you must:

  • Create an Intuit account:

Most of the companies or organizations do make use of the Intuit product-related services that let them prepare the taxes and account their financial states at ease. If you already have an Intuit account then you can make use of it to sign in or create a new Intuit account by completing the Sign Up process. Visit the official web portal of viewmypaycheck to sign up for view my paycheck intuit account from any of your internet-connected and web-browser enabled device.

  • Install QuickBooks:

After creating an Intuit account, you need to download, install and use QuickBooks to manage your payroll using their cloud services option. QuickBooks can be used to create and send payroll data, any part of the day. You can easily run the entire payroll and instantly upload your paycheck whenever Intuit asks to do so.

  • Enter your SSN and net pay details:

You need to manually enter down your SSN (Social Security Number) along with the net pay, which is also referred to as the take-home pay in ViewMyPaycheck.


Ensure your personal computer or laptop has been connected to a relatively faster internet connection.

  1. Open up any one of the web browsers that you have been frequently making use of to access the internet and then visit the official web portal of view my paycheck, which is
  2. Click upon the ‘Sign Up’ button
  3. Enter down your email address within the provided box
  4. If at all you get back a message that states that ‘An Intuit account has already been associated with this particular ID, then you need to click upon the ‘Sign In’ link, enter the email address along with the password to access your existing Intuit account
  5. If such a message doesn’t show up, then you will be prompted to create a strong password with a minimum of eight characters
  6. This particular password is what you are about to use to sign in to your ViewMyPayCheck account, so make sure to remember to intact
  7. Next step, you need to choose a security question that can be used to access into your account if at all you have forgotten the user ID or password of your viewmypaycheck Intuit account
  8. After completing this, click upon the ‘Sign Up’ button
  9. Enter down your net pay and SSN details that can be collected from the previously issued paycheck
  10. After entering these valid details, click upon the ‘All Done’ button.

Things you can explore post-signing into your Intuit viewmypayroll account

Once you have signed in, you can explore a lot in one roof, and they are explained below.

  • ViewMyPayCheck does itemize all your current and year-end earnings and the deductions made to the same to let you understand the methods that were used to calculate your paycheck till now.
  • If you are looking forward to taking a print copy of your present paystub, then you can do it by saving a copy of it to a local drive or pen drive in PDF format. All you need to do is to click upon the ‘Save As PDF’ button to save PDF copy on your computer’s local drive, external hard disk or a pen drive, and conveniently print them as per your need.
  • If you are in a need to get notified whenever a new pay stub gets uploaded to your intuit payroll view my paycheck account, then you can do so by navigating to the ‘Preferences’ section. Make sure the checkbox that says ‘Send an email whenever new pay stubs are made available’ is selected to receive an email notifying the new pay stub that has been uploaded to your account every other time.
  • Other than visiting the official website of Intuit viewmypaycheck to go through your present and past pay stubs, you can also run the payroll using QuickBooks Desktop software application. Using QuickBooks, you can directly upload any of your recently updated paycheck information directly into your pre-existing Intuit account.


  • Make sure you are using the latest version of QuickBooks for Windows that has been updated with both the maintenance release and the much-needed payroll updates as well.
  • Under Employees section, select ‘Manage Payroll Cloud Services’, and then return to the home page to witness your pay stubs listed out.view my paycheck
  • If you are not able to locate the payroll cloud service option, then you are not using the latest QuickBooks Tool Hub Application Desktop version that has both the payroll updates and maintenance released installed

Before you let your employees run their Intuit viewmypayroll, you must upload the paycheck information within the Intuit account whenever a notification related to the same is sent to your provided email address. Also, make it a point to upload the respective paychecks at the right time to let your employee’s signup for free and access the ViewMyPayCheck from their convenient internet-connected devices.

Real day advantages of using Intuit ViewMyPayCheck

The stress that gets involved out of losing a paycheck or finding the right person to hand over the responsibility of printing the paychecks that must be issued with the employees can be easily bypassed by using View my paycheck. All you need to do is to send an invite to all your working employees to join viewmypaycheck Intuit, to view and to print their paycheck conveniently. By introducing this particular feature, you are about to save the time that gets involved in sending the paycheck related information to the employees every other month.