W2 Information from Quickbooks to View My Paycheck

Intuit  View My Paycheck has made it easier for the employees. It allows self-service access to employees to check their payment information and about their tax deductions online without any hassles. Now, employers also don’t have to take the pain of sending payroll data to employees as they can view their paychecks online via an online web portal of view my paycheck.


The View My Paycheck offers you the following benefits:

  • View My Paycheck is free of cost and it just requires QuickBooks 2009 or later version and your Intuit Account.
  • It avoids the hassles for employers to update payroll information, employees now can have secure and fast access to information related to their pay stubs, their current and year-end tax deductions and manage their finances easily.
  • It allows employees to analyze their payment information and know where their money is going and about their deductions.
  • It allows you to print a copy for their pay stubs for future purposes. You just have to click on ‘save as pdf’ and download your pay stub copy. Once downloaded, you can print it later on.
  • Get email notifications whenever your pay stubs are updated. Go to preferences and ensure that you have check marked on “ Send me an email when new pay stubs are available”.


  • Once you start updating employees’ paycheck information to View My Paycheck, ask your employees to visit the official web portal of view my paycheck that is paychecks.intuit.com. 
  • The employees then will have to enter their existing Intuit credentials and if they don’t have their existing account, they will have to sign up.
  • The employees then will have to enter their Social Security Number and their current net pay information.
  • To transfer employees’ W2 information via QuickBooks to View My Paycheck, you need to create employees’ W2 form, review it and check for any errors. Once you are satisfied click on “submit form.”
  • You will see Print/E form window, make sure that you have check-marked the box available at the bottom of the window that says “provide employees with secure, online access to their W2 forms.” Click on Print or E- File Federal Forms.

Based on whatever you clicked, Print or sending an E-file, QuickBooks makes it available for each employee to access their W2 information in the following ways:

  • The employees can log in to their View My Paycheck account and access their W2 information.
  • If the employee is using Turbo Tax 1040, their W2 information is entered automatically.
  • The employees can access their W2 information within 24-48 hours once it has been updated by the employer.

If you have the latest QuickBooks version or if your QuickBooks supports it, you will be prepared to send an already made up email to let your employees know that their W2 information has been updated and they can access it and details about how to access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view my W2 online?

Yes, you can view your W2 online via Tax Form Management System if your employer is registered or you can ask your employer to share the E-file with you or once your employer has updated the W2, you can log in with your Intuit account and access your W2 information.

Does QuickBooks Payroll send out W2?

QuickBooks Online Payroll allows you to either print or share e-file copy of Employees W2.

How long do I have to keep Employee Payroll records?

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) you need to keep your Employee Payroll Records for at least 3 years.

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