Way to Activate and Use ViewMyPaycheck (Now QuickBooks Workforce)

The View My Paycheck is a website by the software company Intuit® to let employees see their paycheck details. With this, all employees get access to their paycheck data all-time with the correct credentials.

Now, employers don’t have to send payroll data as employees can themselves view their paychecks, pay Quickbooks paycheck stubs, tax information online.

A point to keep in mind here is, the formerly View My Paycheck has been taken over by “QuickBooks Workforce.” All the features have been completely incorporated into the newly created QuickBooks Workforce.

Today, in this productive post, we will explain how to use ViewMyPaycheck and detailed steps to activate the “View my paycheck” so that you and your employees could start using it. The steps are similar for Workforce in QuickBooks also. Let’s get started.

View My Paycheck: In-depth Information

ViewMyPaycheck can be accessed free of cost which saves your money and time. You just need a Web Browser as well as QuickBooks 2009 or above Intuit account for accessing it.

The employees can log in anytime and anywhere to check their payroll information. They can use the portal of “View My Paycheck” to get smooth and safe online access to their paycheck details.

We have described below some highlights of “View My Pay Check:

  • View My Paycheck make a list of your present and year-to-date earnings as well as deductions. Through this way, you know how the paycheck was calculated and if the money is flowing appropriately.
  • If you want to print a copy of the pay stub, then tap on “Save as PDF” and a PDF copy will get saved on the computer after which you can print it anytime for the records.
  • Reach out to “Preferences” and tickmark at the checkbox “Send me an email when new pay stubs are available.” With this, you will be notified the moment when anyone uploads a new pay stub to ViewMyPaycheck.

Way to Activate ViewMyPaycheck in QuickBooks

  • First of all, open QuickBooks Online.
  • Tap on “Employees.”
  • Tap on “Manage Payroll Cloud Services.”
  • Tick the checkbox “ViewMyPaycheck.”
  • When prompted, generate a payroll service PIN to be used to send pay stub details. You have to re-enter the PIN for confirmation.

Way to Send the Payroll Details to View My Paycheck

  • Make paychecks normally as you did earlier.
  • Step-by-step, follow the instructions appearing on the screen. When a screen comes for check printing confirmation, tap on “Send to Intuit.”
  • Click on “Send” in the option “Send/Receive Data

Getting Started to use ViewMyPaycheck as an Employee

You will require the following:

  • “An Intuit Account”: In case, you are using the Intuit products then it is easy for you as you can log in with those details/credentials. An alternate option is to make a fresh account when you attempt to sign-up for View My Paycheck.
  • You also need the “Social Security Number” and your “Net pay” from your previous paycheck. With the above details, ViewMyPaycheck confirms that you’re what you actually claim to be.

Follow the instructions explained below to use View My Paycheck

  • Open “Intuit.com” in your browser.
  • Tap on “Sign up.”
  • Type the email address. In case, you already have an account, then tap on the “Sign in” link and carry on the instructions.

(Important Note: You must run one payroll to set View My Paycheck officially for your employees.)

  • Make a “Password” and confirm it. Every time you do Quickbooks workforce login or sign in to the ViewMyPaycheck, you will use that password only.
  • Choose a “Security question” which will be needed when you forget your user ID or password mistakenly.
  • Tao on “Sign Up.”
  • Enter the SSN (Social Security Number) and the Net Pay from the previous paycheck. The net pay is the paycheck amount after all the taxes, as well as other deductions, have been pulled out.
  • Tap on “All Done.”

(Important Note: ViewMyPaycheck is updated to QuickBooks Workforce now. The processes mentioned above can be used to access QuickBooks Workforce also.)

Way to Set up QuickBooks Workforce for QBs Desktop Version

  • In QBs desktop Company, Reach out to “Employees” and tap on “Manage Payroll Cloud Services.” (Update QuickBooks Desktop to its current version Install Newest Payroll Tax Table Updates.)
  • After the window of “Payroll Cloud Services” opens up. Turn the QuickBooks Workforce status to “ON.”
  • When prompted, make or confirm again the “PIN” and choose “Save Changes.”
  • In the window of confirmation, tap on “Return to QuickBooks.”
  • If you want to upload paycheck details after each payroll, then follow these steps explained below:
  1. In the QBs Desktop company file, make paychecks normally.
  2. Ensure that you have selected “Send to Intuit” on the screen of “Confirmation and Next Steps.”
  3. On the window of “Send/Receive Data”, choose “Send.” If prompted, fill in your Payroll Service PIN.

Way to Send Invite for QuickBooks Workforce to the Employees

  • In the QBs Desktop Company, reach out to “Employees” and tap on “Manage Payroll Cloud Services.”
  • In the window of “Payroll Cloud Services”, inside “QuickBooks Workforce Status” tap on “Invite Employees.”
  • Thereafter the “Employee List” will be opened. Choose those employees you want to share access to as well as include their email addresses.
  • Tap on “Send Invite.”

Final Words

ViewMyPaycheck and QuickBooks Workforce, both have provided work flexibility to the users. Now, the employees can access the information they need related to the payroll. This not only saves time for the employers by replacing the need to print out the details earlier. We hope that with this power-packed article, you can now easily activate ViewMyPaycheck and use Quickbooks paychecks. If you need more guidance, then feel free to contact Quickbooks Customer Support anytime. The professional team is available 24×7 to resolve your query.

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