How to Email Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Desktop?

Are you facing issues while trying to Email Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Desktop? No need to worry! We will tell you how to do it in a simple and easy way

Quickbook is accounting software that is acclaimed globally by multiple businesses for the features and service that it provides. The Makers of Quickbooks have made this software available on various platforms. However, the Desktop versions of Quickbooks is the most loved and highly used one out there. We all know that over a period of time, the software that uses extensive coding, and is heavy on your system, tends to show errors that can be related to system compatibility or corruption. Also, software like QuickBooks utilizes a complex functional mechanism. So, a number of users are unaware of many features of Quickbooks. One of those features is the Pay Stubs in QuickBooks. So in this article, we will tell you about pay stub and the steps of How to Email Pay Stubs in QuickBooks.  

Quickbooks Desktop is built impressively and provides the users with solutions to almost all accounting related woes. The best part is that the makers and service providers of this software keep on adding new features and refining the old ones for a better user experience. The latest automation related features that have been added to the software are remarkable. These automation features make lengthy work much easier for many businesses. However, when it comes to Quickbooks Paycheck, very few users can use these features to decrease the workload. So, here we will also discuss whether it is possible to automate the Email Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Desktop or not. However, before we move any further, here is a little about Pay Stubs in Quickbooks that must be known by all the QB users.

What are Pay Stubs in Quickbooks? | Quickbooks Paycheck stubs

The Quickbooks pay stubs are written paycheck statements that depict the details related to the paycheck of each employee for a defined pay period. The Pay stubs in quickbooks are also known as paycheck stubs,  wage statements or Payslip. So, if you receive a physical (Paper) paycheck, then most probably a pay stub is attached to it. However, in larger organizations, with the advancement of technology, the salary or pay is deposited directly in the account of the employee. In this case, the pay stub is made available in the online portal of the company from where the employee can access the pay stub allocated to him.

Why is Quickbooks pay stubs important?

It is an individual right to know how much you have been paid for the work that you have done. Also, to have clarity between the employer and employee, the employer must make the employee aware of the dedication that has been made from the Pay of the employee along with the reason for the deductions. So, to bring visibility, accountability, and payroll compliance the Quickbooks Paycheck stubs are important.

Legally, no federal law mandates the employer to issue pay stubs. However, the state laws have mentions of requirements specifically related to the issuance of pay stubs.

Method to Email Pay Stub in Quickbooks Desktop | Steps to follow

Before we tell you about the method to use for emailing the pay stubs there are some important things that you need to ensure in the Quickbooks desktop. Firstly, you will have to ensure that the software has the most recent update installed. Then you will have to ensure that the “Email Settings” of the Quickbooks Desktop. You will have to ensure that a mailing service is allocated to the ‘send mail using’ option of the software. Check this by following the below-mentioned path

Quickbooks Desktop => Edit Menu => Send Forms => My Preferences => Send Emails Using

Also, the Quickbooks Pay stub feature is not active by default in the software, so you will need to activate it before you can mail it to the employees. Now, after ensuring all the above-mentioned criteria, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below to email the Quickbooks Paycheck stubs to employees

  • Navigate to the File menu option and select the Switch to single user mode option. However, if you do not find this option in the menu, then you are already in the single-user mode of the QB desktop
  • Once you are in the aforementioned mode, go back to the File menu, and drag your cursor to the Print Forms option. Further, select ‘Pay Stubs’.
  • Now since you have select this option, you will further be required to select the Bank Account that was used for Payroll
  • Next, You will have to set the date range for the allocation of pay tubs that you want to email to your employees
  • Further, Select the employees, to whom you want to email the pay stubs from the Quickbooks desktop. You can exclude employee(s) from the list by removing the checkmark next to his/her/their name

*Note:  It is important to ensure that there are no brackets or parentheses present in the last name of your employee. If there are, remove it else the employee won’t be able to access the email.

  • In the next step, select the Preview option. This will allow you to preview each Stub careful to eliminate any error before sending them. Once reviewed, select Email.
  • It must be noted that the automation of Quickbooks is so advanced that it automatically generates a dedicated password for each employee and email.

(It is mandatory that you take a note of all the passwords generated, and allocate them to the employees individually)

  • Next, Click Ok twice to confirm the action.
  • Now fetch each employee’s email address, one at a time, in the space allocated. (You will have the option to review these emails again at the end.)
  • Now, review the email in the Send Forms Window. Here you can do the required editing if needed. You also get the option to select one of your email templates.
  • When you are done with everything and you are ready, click on Send Now. Congrats! Your Quickbooks Pay Stubs have been delivered to the Employees email account. Allocate the password so that they can access it.

Wrapping Up!

Sending Paycheck Stubs in the email of employers is not a big deal. There are features in the Advance Payroll Option, that might enable you to automate this process. Although you will have to set it up under the guidance of a Quickbooks expert.

We hope that we were able to help you with this Quickbooks related query. We ensure that you get the best insight and know the basics of Quickbooks to make it easier for you.  Feel free to provide you feedback in the comments section below. Check other articles to eliminate Quickbooks errors and functionality issues quickly.

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