How to Activate View My Paycheck? (A Complete Guide for ALL)

QuickBooks, developed by Intuit, is an astonishing financial accounting software that is majorly operated by small and medium-scale firms. It has many advanced and modern features along with an online portal known as View My Paycheck. It allows the workers to have access to their taxes and payroll data, and even QuickBooks paycheck stubs can be easily verified.

Using Smartphones, PC and other multiple devices has made the management of personal finances easy.  Via view my paycheck login, they can easily get all the data on payroll updates and other finances. In this post, we will have an in-depth understanding on everything related to how to activate View My Paycheck. Learn with us till the end.   

Activate QuickBooks View My Paycheck: Requirements

We have given all the basic requirements that are needed to enable QuickBooks Paycheck services.

  • You must use the latest released version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • To verify whether the paystubs are modified, go to the tab Employees, tap on Manage Payroll Cloud Services and then reach out to the home page again.
  • Also, the Tax tables of QuickBooks must be updated.
  • In case you cannot find the payroll cloud services, then you cannot use new updates.
  • Administrator login is necessary.  

How to Activate View My Paycheck in QuickBooks?

  • Firstly, open QuickBooks and look for tab Employees.
  • Now, choose the Services to Manage Payroll Cloud.
  • Checkmark the box View My Paycheck.
  • After this, you need to create a PIN for payroll services.
  • Lastly, insert the PIN again to confirm.

How to Check QuickBooks Paychecks Information to View My Paycheck?

  • The first step is to create paycheck as before.
  • After this, do as per the on-screen instructions for confirming the printing.
  • Now, you are required to choose the option Send to Intuit.
  • Finally, Select the option named Send under the Receive/Send Data.

How to Set up QuickBooks View My Paycheck?

We have given the full procedure on setting up of Intuit View My Paycheck.

Step 1: Create an Account

You firstly must have an Intuit account to begin using View My Paycheck. Use the username and password, visit the Intuit official website and sign up into it. You can go the next step in case you have an existing Intuit account.

Step 2: Use Official Portal of View My Paycheck

After having an Intuit account, you are required to download & install QuickBooks and access QuickBooks online. Click on the section Employee and tap on Control Payroll Cloud Services and checkmark the box of View My Paycheck.If you have an existing account, then visit

Step 3: Sign-in with Intuit Credentials

You will now get a login window in which you need to fill the username and password for starting View My Paycheck.

Step 4: Enter Social Security Number and Net Pay

Fill in the current net pay and SSN related info also known as Take-Home-Pay in View My Paycheck Sign up.

How to Create an Intuit View My Paycheck Account?

You need to have an existing account before signing-in to View My Paycheck Account. In this, not everyone can create an account but you can only create an account in case the employee has invited you to do so.

You will get an email-confirmation from the employer providing you with the details of QuickBooks Workforce Login. The further steps are given below.

  • Tap on the Login link given in the email.
  • Now, fill in the relevant email id.
  • Create a password and confirm it.
  • Tap on the button named Create Account.
  • After this, fill up the Social Security Number and the Net Pay details.
  • After all the above steps, submit them and you will be redirected to the Intuit View My Paycheck dashboard.
  • Lastly, you can use View My Paycheck from the dashboard.

View My Paycheck Not Working: How to Fix?

In case an error message comes as ‘Fix Display My Paycheck Not Working.’ Carry out the three solutions given here.

Method 1: Access QuickBooks Workforce Via Private Window

All the shortcut keys have been given for different browsers to work in the incognito window.

  • For Internet Explorer: Hold Ctrl + P together.
  • For Google Chrome: Hold Ctrl + Shift + N together.
  • For Safari Browser: Hold Ctrl + Option + P together.
  • For Mozilla Firefox: Hold Ctrl + Shift + P together.

Method 2: Clear all the Temporary & Cache Files of the Browser

The cache files of the browser on the PC saves files so that it loads quickly when you open the website. With time, it becomes full of junk files causing paycheck View Not Working Error. You can clear out all the cache and cookies for fixing the error.

Method 3: Use Supported & Upto Date Browser

In case you are not making use of the Supported & Upto Date Browser, then this error can be seen. To solve this, make sure that the default browser you are using must be compatible with QuickBooks Workforce and also the new maintenance release is modified. Else update the browser to eliminate this error.

Last Words

In this post, we have brought together all the significant aspects associated with the online portal QuickBooks View My Paycheck. We are hopeful you have found the data that you have been looking for and are satisfied with our content. In case you have any further queries, then you can reach out to the Support and Assistance Team of QuickBooks available online 24×7. 

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