How To Set Up QuickBooks Workforce In QuickBooks Desktop?

The QuickBooks workforce is a link established between employers and employees that enhances productivity. With the help of this incredible employees can keep track of the working and salary details. This means that the company owner will provide the login details to their employee through which they can access the account 24×7 to share their paycheck details via the View My Paycheck website. It should be noted that the formerly “View My Paycheck” has been taken over by QuickBooks Workforce.

After activating QuickBooks Workforce, it is easy to provide your employees control over how and when they want to review the W-2 forms to see Quickbooks paycheck stubs and tax information. Now employees do not require to send emails to employees and can directly get a response from them to make any modification. This reduces the paperwork, sales, and other documents bookkeeping, etc.

In this power-packed post, we will tell you how to set up QuickBooks Workforce in QuickBooks desktop easily by carrying out a few steps, explained later in this article.

How to Set Up the Company File under QuickBooks Workforce Admin

  • Install the current release QuickBooks desktop and latest payroll updates
  • Select “Employees” in QBs desktop company,  then “Manage payroll cloud services.” If you are unable to see this option, then you might have installed the newest QuickBooks desktop release and the latest payroll updates.
  • Inside the window of “QuickBooks workforce in the payroll cloud services” toggle the “ON” status.
  • When asked to, the user needs to create or confirm a “PIN” used to send payroll data
  • Select “Save changes.”
  • Now Return to the window of “QuickBooks in the confirmation.”
  • Then Upload the Quickbooks paycheck info to Intuit.
  • Before employees sign in and access the QuickBooks workforce, make sure to upload pay stubs.
  • The steps to upload paycheck info after each payroll:Create paychecks as you usually do in the QBs desktop company file.Make sure to choose “Send to Intuit” when the confirmation comes on the screen.Select “Send” on the window of “The send/receive data.” When prompted, enter the PIN (payroll service).
  • If you forgot to select send to intuit after making paychecks,  you can reach out to the “Employees” tab and select “Send payroll data.”
  • If you are new to the QuickBooks workforce set up or haven’t done Quickbooks workforce sign up, then you have to upload historical paychecks, for your employees to see their pay stubs problems before the set up of the QuickBooks workforce.

How to Confirm the Account Details with a Code: Steps

When you do Quickbooks workforce login with your account login credentials, you will be asked to approve the account details with a confirmation code. Follow these steps for this process:

  • Decide the way in which you want to receive the code.
  • Select the “Continue” option and you will receive the code.
  • If you don’t have email access anymore then select “Confirm my account a different way.”
  • Don’t leave the screen before till you get the confirmation code. 
  • Remember that it might take few seconds for the code to come in the email. Try to check the Junk/bulk/spam mail folder to see if you got the code there.
  • After receiving the code, enter the code and select “Continue.”
  • In case you’ve not got a code, then select “Didn’t received a code.”
  • After you got verified,  you will be signed automatically into the QuickBooks workforce

How to Invite the Employees: Steps

Step 1: Logging in to your Intuit Account in QBs

If you haven’t logged in already to your Intuit account in QBs, then you need to log in first. The intuit account login is not the same as your company file login. Follow the steps to do:

  • In the company menu, choose “My company.”
  •  Select the “Sign in” option on the top corner
  • Log in with the Intuit ID credentials.

Step 2: Way to Send an Invite

  • Inside this option,  reach out to “Employees” and select “Manage payroll cloud services.” If you can’t find “Manage payroll cloud services”,  update QuickBooks immediately.
  • Inside QuickBooks workforce,  you need to change the status to “ON”, then select “Invite Employees.”
  • The employee list will come up on the screen, select the “Employees” with whom you want to share the access, and then include their email addresses.
  • In case, “Invite the page” is not loading, then turn on “ActiveX controls” in your Internet explorer.
  • Now choose “Send Invite.” After sending, you will see invited inside the column of “STATUS.”
Next Steps to Follow:
  • You can Set up and then also use QBs workforce.
  • After running payroll, all employees will receive emails informing them that the paychecks are available now.
  • When you process W-2s, it is sure that the employees are able to access the forms.

Way to Resend an Invite

If the employee didn’t receive an email invite, you need to follow the needed steps to resend the invite to make sure that the email address is appropriate and select “Send invite” again.

Steps to remove employee access

When you fail to remove access of employees to the paychecks,  you need to turn off QBs workforce’s access to QBs payroll. Although we won’t recommend you to perform this, as it can affect your employees but if you need it, then follow the steps below:

  • Through the “Employees” option, select “Manage payroll cloud services.”
  • Inside QuickBooks workforce, you have to turn the status to OFF then click on the “Save” tab.

Steps to Cancel the Payroll or Terminate an Employee

If you need to turn off the access to employees then you do not need to cancel QuickBooks payroll. The employees will not have access to W-2’s, paychecks, and other info when you cancel the payroll service. It is the same as marking the employees as terminated. You must remind them before to download or print any important doc.

Final Words

By now, we expect that you might have understood how to set up QuickBooks Workforce in QuickBooks desktop step-by-step. So, start implementing the steps now and carry on your tasks.

In case, you have more queries then you can contact QuickBooks Customer Support anytime for further guidance. The professionals are 24×7 available to assist you.

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